How I Finally Achieved Success In Network Marketing


How I Finally Achieved Success In Network Marketing

My name is Daniel Boatman and I am a network marketer. I have always failed in internet marketing and network marketing ever since I became involved with them around 2006-2007 and I never knew why – that is until recently.

Some of the things I’ve been involved in are some of 30 Day Challenges by Ed Dale (I even witnessed the original 15K Challenge), Adsense Arbitrage, EcoQuest, and MonaVie to name a few. I never made more than a few dollars with any of the 30DCes, about $50 with AA, $0 with EcoQuest, and $0 with MonaVie even though I did get a couple people enrolled. Needless to say, I never knew what I was doing. Today I promote four different companies online and have finally found success after nearly 10 years of doing this half-heartedly.

So what changed? To put it simply, my education. I learned what it took to become a successful network marketer.

Here’s how it happened:

One day I noticed the success that a friend of mine was having with his MLM and I congratulated him on it. He was to the point that he was doing well enough that the company was paying for him to drive a luxury car every month and he was making a few thousand dollars each month. I was truly happy for him. He began telling me about the company and products and I told him I wasn’t really interested at the time, mostly because I’ve always failed and didn’t want to waste my money again.

A few weeks later, I actually decided to Google the company and came across a YouTube video which let you know if the company was a scam. It’s not, and I knew that, but what caught my eye was the guy in the video. As it turns out, it was someone  that I actually knew! I used to live right down the road from the guy. I watched his video and followed his link to his webpage – which was actually part of his sales technique – and I was blown away! So I got in contact with him and I was amazed at the level of success he had achieved. He was actually making in the neighborhood of $20,000/month at that time. What was even better was the short period of time in which he rose to that level. I wanted to know what he did and how he did it.

Tony Robbins, a very successful motivational speaker once said, “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” This happened to be exactly what my mentor had done. He found someone that he knew was successful, learned from them, and now achieved his own success. I decided that was exactly what I needed to do. I needed to copy exactly what he was doing. I wanted to promote the same company, use the same tools, everything. I wanted to mirror EXACTLY what he was doing.

So that’s exactly what I did!

The biggest things were first, getting the right education because you really do need an understanding of how everything works in the network marketing realm, otherwise some of the things that you need to do won’t make sense and you won’t know how to compensate for the variations that occur. My mentor spent a lot of money investing in his education, which is good, I’m so glad that he did. I, on the other hand, didn’t have a lot of money to do the same. Luckily for me, he taught me all he knows and pointed me to a few other resources for education. I will say that I did spend SOME money on my education, but not a lot and if you decide to work with me, I’ll teach you everything he taught me and tell you what things I did spend money on for education (I promise it’s VERY cheap).

Now, I’m achieving my own success! I’m not quite in the 6 figures…YET, but I am in the high fives – that’s mostly because of the short time that I’ve been doing this – and I’m doing well enough that I will be quitting my 9-5 at the end of March, and instead I’ll be getting paid to stay home with my family! Imagine that…getting PAID to stay home and play with your children. That’s what I’ve dreamed of and now it’s become a reality.

The famous salesman, Zig Ziglar once said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” THIS IS IT! This is the key to success. I used to always here this, but never quite grasped it and fully understood it. Now I do and I’m telling you, this is ABSOLUTELY the key to success in network marketing and when you decide to team up with me, I will show you exactly how you help those people get what they want, and these strategies work with any business opportunity or product.

So whether you want to promote your own business opportunity or product, or you want to promote the same things as I do in order to copy my success, I’ll be available to provide you with information you need and walk with you down your road to success showing you which way to go. My personal assistance is my biggest incentive I have to offer.

Now, let me ask you to do two things.

  1. First, GO WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn the secrets that I have used to build my business to over $11,000/month in earnings.
  2. Secondly, if you still have questions after watching the video, send me an email letting me know what your biggest hang-up is in getting started right now. I will personally respond to each email.

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