How To Rank Your Videos On YouTube For Free

If you’re trying to rank a video on Youtube then you’re in luck. I’m going to give you a step by step guide that will help you get your video ranked on the first page of the Youtube search engines. It’s really not as difficult as you think, it just takes a little bit of work.
If your video is ranked on the first page of Youtube you will receive a nice amount of traffic to what ever you’re promoting.
Here is the step by step guide (with examples) to getting your Youtube Ranking as high as possible with Youtube SEO!
(1) KEYWORD RESEARCH (Google Keyword Planner)
Find your keyword (key phrase) for your video.
For my example I decided to come up with something for someone who is in a travel club that offers discounted flights.
I started my search for “how to get cheap airfare”.
You need a keyword that meets this criteria:
a. At least 500 monthly searches
b. 5,000 or less “exact” matches on Youtube
c. 100,000 or less “exact” matches on Google
After trying a few that were in the category of 1K-10K, I arrived with the key phrase “really cheap flights”.
Only 63,200 results for exact match on Google. (<100,000)
And only 256 results for exact match on YouTube. (<5,000)
Now for making your video…
(2) Say the keyword in the FIRST and LAST 10 seconds of the video.
They have some sort of ability to detect this in your videos. Don’t ask me how.
(3) Save the video file using the keyword.
So in this case save it as, “really cheap flights.mp4”
(4) While the video is uploading on Youtube
a. Update the title to something catchy (Make sure the keyword is in the title)
Something like, “How to Find Really Cheap Flights Online”
b. Write a 300-500 word description, peppering the text with your keyword.
Self explanatory, I’m not going to write a description for this. Just be sure you throw in “really cheap flights” a few times (3-4 should be good enough).
c. Write 5-8 varieties of the keyword at the bottom of the description.
So for example:
Really Cheap Airline Flights | Really Cheap Flights Online | Cheap Flights Online | Find Cheap Flights | Really Inexpensive Flights | Really Cheap Plane Tickets
d. Copy and paste the keywords used in steps 4C as “Tags” for the video.
e. Click save
(5) After the video is uploaded/processed
a. Add annotations using the keyword
At the beginning of the video, just add an annotation that says “How to Find Really Cheap Flights”.

b. Add caption file using keywords. Disable Auto-caption file

Anywhere in your video where you say your keyword, be sure to make sure it is correct in the caption file.
c. Go to and ping your URL.

d. Open about 5-10 windows in your browser and run your video in each window.
e. Get as many full views, comments, thumbs up as possible!
Ask people you know to help out (Share on social media)
Join a video syndication group on Facebook
Build a playlist of related high view count videos (other people’s videos), and insert your video into the playlist. (make sure to name the playlist with your keyword)
(6) Use a social back linking site for high quality back-links. Google LOVES this
a. Click the link below to create your account.

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