Traffic Monsoon

Traffic Monsoon


Traffic Monsoon is a traffic exchange, paid-to-click, and revenue sharing advertising platform which when utilized properly is a fantastic tool for helping you build your online business.

Traffic Monsoon is a way of generating a lot of traffic and works best when it is combined with a good business opportunity. The best way to optimize your Traffic Monsoon account is with Ad Packs.

For those just simply interested in generating traffic, I would recommend going with buying the Massive Traffic programs which range from 2500 clicks for $5.00, all the way up to 500,000 clicks for $600. If you have a good funnel set up, this can mean some serious results. The #1 thing I recommend though are the Ad Packs, even if you just want traffic because you’re getting over 1000 views to your website and you’re making $5 on for doing so!

Ad packs provide 20 clicks (pay-per-click) for any banner you link to your website, and the Ad Pack also provides 1000 traffic exchange clicks. An Ad Pack costs $50 and gives you 1 sharing position in Traffic Monsoon’s revenue sharing program which earns you money every hour that your Ad Pack is active. You must keep your Ad Packs active in order to continue earning money. You keep them active by surfing 10 ads per day. Traffic Monsoon pays you $55 for every $50 Ad pack that you purchase. This is made possible by other advertising services offered by Traffic Monsoon and their partnerships with other traffic exchanges. An Ad Pack takes approximately 53 days to mature and reach that point that it has earned you $55. The more Ad Packs you have, the more money you’ll make.

There are also other ways of making money with Traffic Monsoon.

Cash links are advertising that other Traffic Monsoon members purchase that can be viewed by other members. The ads must be viewed for a certain duration that depends on how much they paid for the ad. You can earn between $0.005-$0.02 per view. It’s not a lot, but it adds up over time.

Referrals are another way to make good money. You earn 10% of any advertising purchases that your referrals make and 100% match on the cash links that they click.

And obviously money is made when your traffic that you purchase produces sign ups for your other business opportunities.

To learn how to best utilize Traffic Monsoon for generating traffic and earning money through the revenue sharing program with the Ad Packs, check out my Poor Man’s Plan, my Modified Poor Man’s Plan, and my PLS Plan in the Need A Plan section of this website.

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